5 Minutes with Magpie — Ireland’s latest magazine for women

Last week was abuzz with the the launch of Magpie — Ireland’s latest magazine for women.

We got our hands on a copy as soon as we could and, we must say, we were impressed. To find out more about the new addition we got chatting to Deirdre Fitzpatrick the co-founder and creative director about the inspiration for Magpie, the typical reader and of course, pitching tips.

With so many magazines available in Ireland, can you tell us how you came to launch a new magazine?

Both myself and Georgina love magazines — I have been collecting them from an early age, and Georgina has worked in publishing for a while now. So when we met through a mutual friend, it just seemed like the obvious thing to do! My background is in graphic design, and I’m a great supporter of Irish magazines (and still am) but I started buying niche magazines from England, America and Australia searching for something more. (They were extremely expensive, but totally worth it). It got me thinking — why is there nothing like that here? And so, Magpie was created. Our tagline is ‘a creative space for curious minds’; we want our readers to come away having read the magazine feeling like they have learned something new, and have had a positive experience.

What’s your lead time for PRs looking to get in touch with you?

As we are at the very beginning of this exciting journey, we have so much to learn, organise and plan. We generally plan quite far ahead, we are working on our Christmas issue now (out in November) alongside our January edition. We already so many fantastic features and interviews lined up for upcoming issues!

Describe the typical Magpie reader

Our reader is curious and compassionate, she is creative and artistic. She loves a good flea market and Ikea hack, but will splash out on something that she really loves. She is curious about the world around her, and takes time to enjoy the good things in life, such as the arts, fine dining and culture. She is eclectic and individual and interested in fashion and style. The Magpie reader is intelligent and cares about humanitarian issues, such as climate change and global warming and she takes time to educate herself on political issues and current affairs, more than she might on celebrity gossip and the latest fad diets.

Our reader is a woman who lives on her own terms; she has a career, home life and interests that reflect that personal quality. Magpie, with its broad range of coverage appeals to an intelligent and curious mind that never tires of learning about the world around it.

What is Magpie’s USP?

Our biggest USP is that we do not feature celebrity gossip or fad diets — we focus making our reader feel great after reading Magpie, and not that they are inadequate in their lives. Magpie is a magazine with a social conscious — we feature articles on global citizenship, politics and current affairs.

Do you think you bring something to the party that other Irish magazines are missing?

Most Irish magazines are doing a great job, and I love to support other titles too. From an outside perspective, I think it’s so encouraging to see new titles like ourselves Anthology and Thread (two great new Irish magazines) launching as it adds variety to the magazine market. We are hoping to interest those women that stopped buying Irish magazines a long time ago — we’re fresh with a different perspective, we want to restore people’s faith in magazines again.

What should PRs do before they pitch to Magpie?

The most important thing for us is that the PR agency have read the magazine, and understand what Magpie is about. We are different to other Irish magazines, and it is vital that they understand that.

What are your editorial meetings like?

Our editorial meetings are really creative — everyone is buzzing about the meeting in our small office (usually someone brings coffee and cakes from Bear Market in Blackrock, our favourite coffee, so that may be what everyone is actually excited about!) As we are bi-monthly, our pagination is constantly changing, and ideas are being developed all the time, so we try to have an editorial meeting every week or so, to keep up to date with what our writers are working on. It’s very exciting!

What kind of stories are you interested in receiving? And what brands are best suited to Magpie?

We love anything quirky — someone starting a business from their garden shed or a photo essay on women wrestlers! In terms of fashion and beauty, we love ethical products, and a company with a great ethos.

Any other questions you’d like to ask the Magpie team? You can tweet them here.

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