Four Hazardous Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should Avoid

You have to be very careful, when you start SEO on your website. The techniques you used for SEO that are legally right or you just waste your time with wrong techniques. Every companies use different type of SEO techniques and some time these techniques are changed as Google algorithms are changed. There are mainly two techniques to do SEO. One is white hat and second one is Black hat. White hat is a safe way to do SEO and black hat is a risky and illegal way.

Black hat SEO take very short time but there are more chances of penalize your website. In this article search engine optimization service Calgary discuss some black hat techniques which are harmful to your website.

1. Paid Links: Buy links for your website, may be this is a great advantage for buyers but not for long time. It is very complicated to know that paid links are good for your website health or not because some paid links are good and some are bad. But according to experts to buy or exchange links is a cheating on search engine optimization.

2. Spam Comments: Spam comment is a most usable tool in black hat SEO technique. Spam comment is a part of insert backlinks. People use this to complete the all process in very short time. Through spam comments people gain more and more backlinks overnight. But this technique is very bad for your website.

3. Duplicate Content: Non original or duplicate content can hurt your website ranking. But SEO technician used this tactics in black hat search engine optimization. There is no penalty for non original content but your website ranking can be effected by Google. If you want same content from more than one page, you can use canonical tag. Canonical tag is used in HTML header part of a web page.

4. Keyword Stuffing: You may have heard about keyword stuffing. It is also part of black hat SEO. Keyword stuffing means you used one keyword again and again in your content after every line. For example are you looking for woman dress? If you are looking for woman dress our woman dress website provides you good woman dress stuff. Place order to get a woman dress. In this example you see one keyword (woman dress) repeat many times. After this, may be there are more chances of increase bounce rate.

SEO is a years to come strategy but it depends on its tactics. In this above article you get warning about black hat SEO. There is rumor that SEO is dead but it is totally wrong. It’s not dead, it is just changed. Make a call to Media Labz to get any kind of information related this article or any other online marketing service.