An Author’s Journey: Carson McCullers

Carson McCullers, an American novelist who died young due to an illness. Her first book, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (1940) remains her only witnessed success. You may find old classics and new books from such authors who were purely underrated despite of their efforts and minutely narrated overwhelming stories on Medialid.

Her final novel — Clock without Hands remains unnoticed by the readers. Readers who enjoyed Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird would love this last creation of McCullers. A story of an elderly judge whose single dream of revival of Confederacy as the state court orders racial integration. The hardships that the elderly judge faced to accept the changing times were in contrast of his grandson’s friendship with a young black orphan.

McCullers lived with the characters she narrated as stated once. Her other work includes The Ballad of the Sad Café and The Square Root of Wonderful. She had a painful personal life where she remarried her ex-husband after which she witnessed downfall in her health resulting to partial paralysis which confined her to wheel chair in her last years. Her last novel which was underrated and attained low attention of readers is worth a read and a must-have. She has written six short stories — Wunderkind, The Jockey, Madame Zilensky and the King of Finland, The Sojourner, A Domestic Dilemma and A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud. Experience various genres books with updated library for your satisfaction on Medialid which can be accessed from your favorite and device from anywhere in the world.

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