The Importance Of Art

Art, although many people don’t realise, plays a huge role in changing and evolving us as people but also the physical world. My aim is to inform as many people as I can about the importance of art.

taken from the official @banksy instagram page. licensed under CC 4.0

I have chosen to use Instagram as my main channel, due to the fact that my project is predominantly visual, making Instagram perfect for it. As well as this Instagram is one of the top 3 social media sites, with 800,000,000 active monthly users, this means there is a very large audience that my content can reach.

screenshot of /

Along with my Instagram account I will have a WordPress blog, advertised on my Instagram account, for people that would like more information and detailed posts.

screenshot of my instagram page @mediamitz

Art it the language of humanity and I intend to spread the word.

until next time. :)

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