Highlights From The MEDIA Protocol And Havven AMA

James Tabor, CEO of MEDIA Protocol, and Kain Warwick, founder of Havven, conducted a live AMA session over on the MEDIA Protocol Facebook page, on Wednesday 15th August.

During the AMA they covered a range of topics from stablecoins and what they do, to cross-chain interactions and collaboration between crypto projects. They also discussed the wider crypto space and where things stand at the moment for both Havven and MEDIA Protocol.

About Havven

Havven is a decentralised payment network and stablecoin designed to enable everyday cryptocurrency purchases. The network, which is modelled on centralised closed loop payment networks such as American Express, reduces price volatility through its dual-token system: havvens, the collateral token, and nomins, the asset-backed stablecoin.

Nomins are collateralised by the value of havvens, and the value of havvens comes from transaction fees that are generated with all nomin transactions and paid to havven holders. The value of nomins is kept stable by havven holders, who are incentivised to manage its supply.


  • James asks Kain why 2018 is “the year of the stablecoin” and they discuss how it can be an entry point for people less familiar with the crypto world, and for dApps to build on (0:01:32)
  • The guys talk about whether widespread crypto adoption will be a generational thing or will it reach a fixed future point where people know intuitively what a token or coin is worth in real terms (0:11:05)
  • An important distinction is made between cryptocurrencies and decentralised systems, since they’re often incorrectly conflated. (0:16:09)
  • Kain explains how Havven has encouraged adoption and incentivised users, something James talks about in the context of MEDIA Protocol too. (0:21:37)
  • Discussion turns to collaboration, open source and sharing. How the crypto space has shifted to foster and encourage this. NDAs and looking only for competitors is something of the past. (0:29:38)
  • James takes us through his CV and advertising experience, showing how it led to his current projects in crypto and decentralised systems. (0:37:29)
  • Cross-chain interactions are key for both projects, James and Kain discuss how those work for both Havven and MEDIA Protocol. (0:45:00)

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