A Serial Entrepreneur Mr. Roberto Hroval

5 min readOct 12, 2018

Who is Mr. Roberto Hroval?

Roberto Hroval is a researcher, innovator, entrepreneur, and chairman of PatentReal Corporation (Hong Kong). He was born in November 1975 and he is a Slovene. He is the mastermind behind the large organization that provides an innovative technological solution. He works on a very unique business philosophy which avers that “the final product must be so good such that it is extremely hard to be improved by additional money, extra time invested, any material, and any kind of craftsmanship. And it must look good too.”

How did he grow up?

Roberto Hroval was a peculiar child, at his tender age he was full of crazy ideas and he could try any idea that popped into his mind. At his high school years, he attended an Electrical and Computer Technical High School and he had a lot of interest in the following disciplines mechanics, electronics, software creation, design, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.

In his twenties, he managed to build his first international business by opening small offices in Italy, Slovenia, and the USA to help companies buy and sell goods in one place for the best prices. Still, at his twenties, he founded a private research institute which he made connections with universities, academics, and researchers on new and revolutionary technologies and solutions regarding the human body and brain, green technologies, and transportation.

In his early age, he acquired skills in different industries such as the: transportation, robotic, wholesale, surveillance and waste industry working with materials such as plastic, metal, glass and other specialized materials.

What are his main achievements?

Founded PatentReal Corporation

PatentReal Corporation is an innovative company founded by the serial entrepreneur and a problem solver Roberto Hroval with an aim of providing innovative technology-driven solutions to the world. This just came at the age of 29 when he decided to “try something really big”. At that age, he founded an institute that later on became one of the cornerstones of the PatentReal Corp.

The company offers solutions across different industries as listed below and the most recent being solution to the energy problem.

How has this company solved energy problem?

The company took initiative to solve the energy problem faced by many countries in the word (while keeping the earth clean and safe) with the launch of a new emission-free biomass technology called the Biomass Ultima technology.

Energy is very important since it drives all other sectors of the economy. Over the years, different forms of energy have been produced and most of them have contributed to global warming but with the invention of biomass, the problem of pollution has been solved.

Biomass Ultima offers three unique advantages: firstly, it is totally green, no emission technology. Secondly, it offers the highest utilization rate, partly thanks to the additional product that is made during the process; organic carbon. This product can be easily reprocessed into high-quality and to a very expensive active carbon which can be used for both agriculture and medicine. And thirdly, affordability is another unique feature of the project.

Creation of a special public anti-stress “chamber” that offers simple and effective solutions

Roberto Hroval was aware that stress is a cause of many problems and therefore everybody needs to de-stress. In an attempt to solve this problem he came up with a unique solution. He developed a full technology and special “chamber” called Asclepius8 that effectively serves stressed people.

How does anti-stress technology work?

The Asclepius8, named after the Greek god of medicine, is a unique high-end mobile unit available for all people in the cities, factories, and other places. The major causes of stress were found to be business, personal life, and a decline in mental and physical ability, lack of energy, lack of motivation, depression, fatigue, bad immune system, and insomnia.

The Asclepius8 technology is aimed at improving mental and physical ability, stress reduction, relaxation, positive balance of body and mind, improving motivation and concentration, improving sleep, stabilize immune system and revitalize of body and mind.

The technology uses the three most important senses, the smell, vision, and hearing. Studies have shown that various scents, sounds, and color stimulate cognitive recognition in the brain. Discussed below is how the technology makes use of the three senses:

  • Smell — You are made to inhale an enriched air, saturated with ethereal oils, pure oxygen, antioxidants, and vitamins A, B, C, and D .Ratio and the selection of elements came from a special formula GA307, developed by PatentReal Institute that decreases the levels of the adrenocorticotropic hormone which is caused by stress. Basically, a treatment slows down the activity of the systematic nervous system; your body then responds to stress and hence improved sleep and relaxation. It also improves mood and concentration.
  • Colour — Colours are said to stimulate, normalize or having a calm effect. The Asclepius8 is equipped with a special light generator, which distributes a selected green color that offers a calming effect that helps to relieve stress.
  • Sound — Music therapy is used to stimulate specific organ system in the body. The Asclepius8 anti-stress unit is equipped with a sound generator that performs specially developed, calming sound patterns.

Creation of Project Phoenix8

This project was invented to deal with the ever-increasing garbage in form of worn out and discarded products so as to reduce pollution. It is a no emission “waste to energy” project; seek to implement new Product Reincarnation Technology™. This solution offers more than 80% utilization rate which is way above the competitive solutions.

Global Wild Animals Rehabilitation Institute

The suffering of wild animals in the natural environment called for the creation of a comprehensive platform to help build global wild animals rehabilitation institute to help preserve wild animals by offering necessary care and medication.

Learning Independence for Seniors Project

This project is aimed at reactivating and assimilating the old generation into the society at the same time improving their quality of life, well being and health.

Establishment of PatentReal Bio-Human Research Institute

The establishment of this institute was aimed at creating a corporate mechanism to investigate and realize new ideas, projects, and technologies. The institute today is a support science platform for PatentReal Corporation.

Water Desalination Technology Project

This project is aimed at solving the problem lack of safe water for drinking. Most technologies are not able to produce safe drinking water to be distributed at an acceptable cost, but with this technology, this problem has since been solved.

Roberto Hroval believes in:

  • producing the best such that it is extremely hard to improve the final product;
  • being bold, fighting like a lion, and rising like a phoenix;
  • transforming ideas into reality by believing and trusting yourself and acting fearlessly;
  • Everybody’s ability to contribute to other people and the planet.