Inclusivity in Your Wedding Officiant

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Sep 4, 2019 · 3 min read

Many married couples don’t meet the standard of what it means to be a “traditional” couple. As we have learned to be a more inclusive society, the amount of these married couples is only going to continue to increase. Interfaith and same-sex marriages are just as beautiful as a marriage between man and wife.

Yet, many wedding officiants still turn their nose up. Ancient traditions cloud these officiants’ judgments, and it isn’t right. Each couple deserves to be married in their church, temple, or mosque of choice — or at the very least by an officiant that practices within their religion.

In south Florida, there isn’t a more inclusive rabbi than Rabbi Robert Silverman. Rabbi Silverman proudly offers his services at any Jewish Life Cycle event — from baby naming, to bar and bat mitzvahs, all the way to traditional and contemporary Jewish weddings. He partakes in commitment ceremonies, as well as the renewal of vows. When someone wants to convert to Judaism, Rabbi Silverman will guide them through the process with patience and care.

Credit: Rabbi Silverman

He is dedicated to his faith, but he understands that, even though someone may marry into a Jewish family, they may not want to give up their own customs. To Rabbi Silverman, this is not a problem. He gladly serves as the officiant to interfaith weddings across south Florida, and works diligently to ensure the couple is happy and comfortable. The same goes for his non-denominational wedding ceremonies.

Where Rabbi Silverman truly shows his colors, however, is in his willingness to marry same-sex couples. He fully understands that same-sex marriages hold the same amount of respect and love as any other marriage, and Rabbi Silverman does everything in his power to make these couples know that he knows their relationship is valid.

Credit: Rabbi Silverman

In an interview with the Sophia News, Rabbi Silverman says same-sex unions are “very important” because, “when two people love each other so much that to them joining together as one it is my responsibility to perform their ceremony to show that it is appropriate for them.”

With Rabbi Silverman, couples can be confident their wants will not be overlooked just because of their sexuality or religious background. Each couple is treated with the same level of care as the last, an admirable feature for an officiant to so proudly boast.

For more information about Rabbi Robert Silverman and his services, call (305) 439–1990 or email

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