Rabbi Spiegel Announces Judaism Conversion Services

(Cancun, Mexico) October 30, 2019

Rabbi Stephen Spiegel is pleased to announce his Judaism conversion services. Rabbi Spiegel (or Rabbi Steve, as he is known by the people he works with) understands just how personal converting to Judaism in one’s life, and he works to make that process as easy as possible. Whether converting for a spouse or any other personal reasons, Rabbi Steve guides each and every person through the proceedings and helps them feel confident and comfortable with their choice.

No matter what anyone needs from Rabbi Steve, ensuring their happiness is a top priority for the Mexico Rabbi. Whether he has been booked as a wedding officiant, for a naming ceremony, bar or bat mitzvah, or any other Jewish Life Cycle event, Rabbi Steve does what he can to make sure the people involved are as happy as possible. It is their day, after all, so what matters most is that they are the ones who are happy with how their event plays out.

“Rabbi Spiegel was wonderful to work with and truly made our wedding ceremony extra special,” one happy bride says. “He worked with a local minister to help us create a unique interfaith wedding… All of our guests were touched with his anecdotes and interpretations of each tradition. We were especially touched by how Rabbi Spiegel got to know us before the wedding. …It also really helped make the ceremony feel personal. I would highly recommend working with Rabbi Spiegel for any wedding!”

When a major event, such as a wedding, is booked in a far location, it can be difficult to have the ceremony personalized to reflect the couple. Rabbi Steve works diligently to ensure the ceremony reflects the couple, and is exactly what they want, making the day warm and memorable.

For more information, call (888) 593–8486, email rabbisteve@mexicorabbi.com, or fill out this contact form.



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