What Makes a Destination Wedding Special?

All weddings are difficult and time-consuming when it comes to planning. There are many aspects about one’s reception or ceremony that couples don’t think of until that option stares them right in the face.

These stressors increase tenfold when a couple plans a destination wedding. Their choice of location has to be even more worth the price. Guests need to be informed well in advance in order to plan for their flight and lodging accommodations. Transportation of wardrobe and makeup is nightmare-ish — because if something were to happen to the dress during travel, there would be a massive problem.

Credit: TAFER Hotels & Resorts

Scheduling services is another story. Most of the time, couples can’t be certain their food, officiant, waiters, and other attendants are precisely what they want until they meet face to face. This makes destination weddings all the more anxiety inducing, because couples can’t see the full picture until a few days before the wedding.

If all else fails, couples should be comfortable with their wedding officiant of choice. It is the officiant that can make or break a ceremony, which is, arguably, the most important part of one’s wedding day. The ceremony is what binds the couple for eternity. It is crucial that the couple be married by an individual they can trust.

When destination weddings land couples in Mexico, Rabbi Stephen Spiegel is the officiant of choice. Known as Rabbi Steve by couples and the locals, his reputation of warmth and dedication supersede him. For years now, couples have flocked to Rabbi Steve for that warmth and personalization he is known to bring to any Jewish or Interfaith wedding.

“…Planning a wedding — especially one of an inter-faith kind can be stressful and I often found myself wondering how I was going to please everyone — most importantly myself and my non-Jewish husband,” one woman says. “From the minute I had my first conversation with Rabbi Steve, my worries [were] put to rest. By the end of the conversation I felt like I had been talking to my own dad. He is personable, funny, caring and smart. He assured me I would have the wedding of my dreams and I did… But mostly, he made me and my husband feel like we were the two most important people in the world and he delivered on every promise made.”

Rabbi Steve has a unique process of getting to know a couple he will be marrying. As it is highly unlikely he’ll be able to meet until right before the ceremony, Rabbi Steve does everything in his power to be certain he knows the couple well enough to create a customized ceremony that reflects both halves of the couple. His in-depth questionnaires filled out by both fiancés give Rabbi Steve a better understanding of the couple’s backgrounds, how they met, and their goals for the future. This makes for a personal ceremony that can’t be replicated.

Through email, phone, or Skype (whichever is preferred), Rabbi Steve fosters a meaningful connection. By the time he and the couple meet, he is more like a long-lost relative than a stranger. That bond allows him to create a warm, passionate ceremony that guests will talk about for years to come.

A memorable wedding is more than good food and a beautiful venue. What truly makes a wedding special is the officiant who wants nothing more than a happy bride and groom.

For more information, call (888) 593–8486, email rabbisteve@mexicorabbi.com, or fill out this contact form.

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