Why You Should Be Embracing Digital at Your Events

Digital technologies are swiftly changing the way we experience all interactions with organisations and brands, including the events they host. Even the smallest of projects are beginning to integrate digital technology, in order that hosts and attendees take away a more memorable, engaging experience that others will want to know about.

As digital has seeped into the world of marketing, providing better advertising experiences, or better user experiences with a brand, so too can digitalising events give attendees an enhanced, personalised and stand out experience. More and more people are using technology to connect with organisers and social connections before, during, and after an event, creating quality content online as a result. In turn, organisers are able to use this to improve event and brand awareness, as well as gain more access to data to drive valuable insights into an event’s performance.

With a greater number of people becoming tech-savvy and adopting a digital means of communication and experiencing of events, there is a higher demand on businesses to adapt their business or industry events, exhibitions, conferences or festivals, to take advantage of newer technologies and provide an interactive environment. Here are some of the ways you can adopt digital to transform your next event:

Use interactive screens

Displaying key information, live action or highlights of an event on a screen will enable you to communicate with a much wider audience. Equally, using a screen to display your logo and company name can heighten awareness of your brand throughout an event, and can be made to be visually engaging with changing graphics.

Events are also integrating interactive screens to offer a more engaging experience, as an attendee can take in information directly at their own speed. Live social media feeds, surveys or email signups can help you tap into online channels during an event and promote activity between individuals as well as with the hosts. This is a great way to track what’s happening and how attendees feel about the event, analyse the discussion and feedback and use it to improve future events.

A mobile environment

As mobile devices are becoming increasingly relied upon, your event website will need to be responsive and optimised for mobile use, so that details and features can be accessed efficiently. Videos that can be viewed on a mobile device, are highly sharable and can let those who may not have been able to attend maintain engagement with your event a long time after it was hosted.

With wearable technologies on the rise too, you should also take into consideration how to engage these audiences more relevantly. Using contextual push notifications, such as location based, or using messaging apps for people to connect with others in the build up to and throughout an event, will promote it more effectively and ensure people are getting the level of interaction they need to advocate it. Making sure your event facilitates a mobile environment, will help you start conversations with a wider audience and develop the overall performance of the event.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is a digital trend taking off this year and can be used as an effective marketing device. Through the use of smartphones or tablets, users can find virtual information overlaid onto their real surroundings. This can allow for an optimised interactive experience for attendees with access to digital information enhancing their knowledge around the event and adding value to their reception of it.

Make it worth sharing

Incorporating new technologies to create a personalised experience for attendees, will really help to leave a lasting impression that they’ll want to share. Interactive displays, using screens and highly visual material will connect you to a wider audience and keep them engaged at each stage of your event.

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