Slinky is back and better than ever!

To be honest not a lot has changed, other than some invisible parts in the backend.

Slinky is looking forward to collect more links for you!

Due to issues with the hosting I will perform migration to a new setup to improve performance and stability. Therefore, Slinky will have to be resubmitted to the Slack App Directory for the changes to take effect which might take a few days. I will update as soon as it is running smoothly again.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Over the course of the last 3 months after being featured on ProductHunt, more than 250 teams have tried out Slinky and shared over 10.000 links. Thanks everyone for using Slinky, sending your feature requests and contacting me when things broke. It really helped to smoothen out the user experience.

As I strongly believe a product should be charged for if it provides value, I launched the Beta pricing recently. Slinky will remain free for small teams up to 10 members, but for larger teams will cost a flat fee of $20 per month during the beta pricing launch.

$20 per month for organizing my company’s links?


In order to increase attractiveness and shareability of the social pages for my Suikakeibo Android app, I decided to produce one infographic per month with the data I collect from Suikakeibo.

The app itself is a reader and ledger for contactless transportation cards in Japan. Almost everybody here uses a Suica card or the like when getting from A to B. User of my app can opt in to contribute to the community by sending in their commuting data anonymously , in turn they get access to the statistics right within the app. …

Maik Vlcek

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