Discovery And Momentum Medical Aid

As new vaccines are being developed each day, so are the new types of diseases being found in different parts of the world. Be it Ebola or H1N1, deadly diseases seem to be getting stronger with each decade. With their victims rising from just a few thousands a decade ago, to whole nation now.

And to make the horror worse, add to it the mounting bills one has to pay to get a cure. With people having to sell off their property to save their loved one to people travelling around the globe to find the best cure possible. All this to get the patient operated as soon as possible.

But does everyone has thousands of dollars accumulated in their bank account for such an emergency? Unfortunately for many of us such an emergency could be devastating both in mental as well as financial terms.

So how does one tackle this shortage of funds? One way out is to get oneself and our loved ones a good medical aid programme. Which costs a few bucks each month but is of great help in times of such lethal incident.

Two such medical aids are Discovery medical aid and Momentum Medical aid, in South Africa.

Talking of Discovery Medical Aid, it is one of the best and most reliable medical aids available out there. With its plans ranging from high end to affordable. In the high end category one plan is Top Care, in this plan one gets the highest benefits in terms of medical help. Some of the benefits of Top Care are full cover for chronic medicine, unlimited care in any private hospital, access to specialized healthcare in South Africa and abroad, additional cover when your medical cover runs out and cover for medical emergencies while travelling. On the other hand the more affordable side they have plans like Key Care, being the most efficient private cover. With benefits such as unlimited hospital care in KeyCare hospital network, essential care for chronic medicine and unlimited care for medically appropriate GP consultations, blood tests and x-ray. And one can also compare plans side by side on their website to see which one suits their needs.

The other most preferred medical aid is Momentum medical aid. It provides free preventive screening and has strong claim paying ability. With benefits in its plans like savings up to 35%on contribution through provider choice discounts, free preventive care benefits under health platform benefits including annual health assessment and a host of maternity benefits and access to emergency numbers, member details and claims statement on their mobile application. Also they have separate plans for students, starting at reasonable prices.

So choose the medical aid that you like and live a worry-free life.

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