Importance of CPM machine after Knee Surgery

About Knee Surgery

Knee replacement has become a common surgery these days. The knee surgery is performed due to the arthritis condition which gets worsened. But knee surgery causes stiffness which in turn makes routine activities quite difficult to be achieved. The stiffness makes regular activities like standing and seating a difficult task.

About Continuous passive motion

To offer some relief to the patients after knee surgery, the CPM machine is used extensively. CPM is also known as continuous passive motion. The CPM machine is used to flex as well as extend knee joints gently. The CPM machine is used post surgery which enables the knee joint to bend slowly. However, it should be noted that CPM devices are only used during the first phase of the rehabilitation procedure post surgery.

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Benefits of CPM Machine

- The CPM machine improves the motion post knee replacement or any other knee surgery.

- Apart from enhancing movement, the CPM machine helps in reducing the stiffness of knee joints.

- If the knee is placed on CPM machine soon after the surgery, it will not lead to scar tissue development.

Though knee surgeries have evolved in past years, the orthopaedic surgeons always look for new ways to improve and enhance the results post surgery. Stiffness post surgery has always been a matter of concern especially for knees because normal routine activities require a proper knee motion. Thus, CPM was developed as a measure towards making knee motion possible and eliminates the stiffness issue soon after the surgery has been performed.

It has been observed over a period that the patients have an increased motion post surgery which is fast in comparison to the patients who do not use the CPM machine. Moreover, people who use CPM machine would rarely require the knee manipulation where the patient is forced to bend the knee giving anaesthesia. It also helps in overall recovery of the patient as they feel the need to move since being in bed makes them feel sick. While the machine may not have a direct impact on the results of surgery, it definitely helps patients in feeling better and recovers fast.

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