Hospital Examination Table Manufacturers India

The important infrastructure in the hospital other than the medical kits and machines is examination tables. Without proper examination table, it is impossible to conduct health checkups of the patients. The hospital examination tables vary in different factors. The same examination table cannot be used for checkup as well as to operate a patient for a surgery. Desco Medical India provides premium quality medical examination tables suitable for normal checkups and gynecological checkups.

The examination tables vary in size, structure, material what not there will be a notable difference in the materials used to make them. The price range also varies depending on the materials used to make the examination table. Few first-rate hospitals use high-quality examination tables that are made of expensive materials whereas small and local hospitals use examination tables that are made of little affordable materials. Few hospital examination table manufacturers in India use leather cushion tops for extra comfort to the patients while treatment.

Types of Hospital Examination Tables

As we said earlier, there are various types of hospital examination tables available in the market. The hospitals orders the examination tables depending on their requirement. In the past, very few models of examination tables are in use, but now different type of examination tables have come up with different patterns. Some common hospital examination tables include portable medical examination table, folding medical examination table, medical room exam table, patient exam table, surgical table, treat exam table etc.

If you want to know the types of examination tables that are available in the market for sale then just read on.

Examination couch with cabinet and drawers

You can get examination table with cabinet and drawers. The measurements of the table vary as per the hospitals requirement. The table comes with adjustable backrest by gas spring system. It is also equipped with a tray to store B.P. Apparatus. The table comes with fine finish.

Plain Hospital Examination Table

The plain hospital examination table comes with a framework of bed. It is balanced by rubber shoes. It has two section cushioned top and the size varies depending on the hospital requirement.

Two section examination table

This is yet another most used examination tables in hospitals. The table comes with rectangular and square steel tubes framework. It is adjustable back rest by hand lever. It comes with two section cushioned top with legs fitted on PVC stands.

Examination cum Gyne table

This is a multi-purpose table. The framework of the table is made of round and square tube and comes with two sections. The backrest is adjustable and comes with lithotomy leg holder. The size of the table varies depending on the requirement.

These are highly used hospital examination tables.