How to Start a Nursing Career: Nail Your Nursing Personal Statement

Do you want to start a nursing career? One of the things to look into and prepare for is the nursing personal statement. It is one of the most important requirements for submission. This essay tells about your unique story. It must be written well, or your chance to be accepted will be slim. For a complete guide on how to write an impressive personal statement, keep reading.

Medical School Personal Statement Editing: Useful Advice

According to, you should plan your story. Some applicants fail at sitting down and create a good personal statement without a plan. For one, you may need weeks to think about communicating your story. Give yourself plenty of time in writing the personal statement. What to do is to jot down your ideas and make an outline.

· How did your work experience as a nurse motivated and shaped your future goals. How can an advanced education, for instance, promote growth and transition to a more advanced role of an FNP, say.

· Conduct a research about the program. You should understand the school’s culture, reputation, and values and reflect if these are aligned with yours.

· Think of the topics for the essay. Avoid preaching and issues in your essay.

· Do not rehash your resume. Think beyond it. What are those accomplishment, strengths, and talents you’ve not included there? Think about your interests and ways they could be used to succeed in the medical school. Add some goals, mentorship or leadership that you’ve experienced or accomplished. You must write and remember them when writing the essay.

What Attracted You to the Nursing Career?

According to Nottingham UK, applicants must be able to communicate about the things that attracted them to the nursing field and to state the reasons, perhaps inspirations or motivations.

The same source stated that it could be a family or personal experience, which made you interested, or it can be employment that has confirmed your interest in nursing. What are those life experiences that you could share? Think of those that would make the readers interested to know more about you in the interview stage. So when doing a medical school personal statement editing, you must look into those experiences and share them in the essay. This experience can also be about dealing with people in a non-healthcare environment where you have experienced negotiation, handling time pressures and prioritizing tasks.

Tips for Writing the Nursing Personal Statement

Look into the following for tips in writing the essay and bear them in mind for an excellent output.

1. Staff Nurse recommends keeping a focus on each paragraph. You can use experiences you have had from part time work, nursing placements, voluntary experiences being proof of what you’re saying.

2. Do not over think but come up with a natural voice. Create a draft to represent your current thoughts. Write as if you’re talking with a friend. You must also write fearlessly without editing yourself at this point. After all, you can edit later.

3. Do not just tell, but also show. You must be specific and include numbers if possible. Try to be as descriptive as possible in the essay. For example, how many patients did you take care of, what instances did you supervisor praised you for your clinical abilities and things like that.

4. Do not write generalities, generic and overused words — such as compassionate, caring or unique. Avoid using clichés too. Do not also start your essay with boring introductions like “ever since I was a child…” If you do, you can bore your audience and not encourage them to read and finish your essay.

5. Relate your motivations in applying for nursing. What are those experiences, which motivated you that this is the right career for you?

6. Proofread and edit the personal statement. When done writing, you must try to distance from the paper for a more objective review later. In this manner, you can better spot for errors and issues in your essay.

7. Read the paper aloud and find out if this essay sounded like you. Review and find out if the essay reflects your strengths and qualities that you can offer to the program.

Are You Ready to Write an Awesome Nursing Personal Statement?

Submit a nursing essay without errors in grammar and spelling. Tailor it to the school and program. Spend enough time on it and be able to revise a couple of times to achieve perfection.

Start early and write the best nursing personal statement now!