High-frequency electric ion therapeutic instrument Introduction

High-frequency electric ion therapeutic instrument, also known as high-frequency electrocautery treatment instrument electrical energy by making high-frequency oscillating frequency electromagnetic waves, when the high frequency oscillation circuit and a tip conductor close to a certain distance on the spark, the size of the spark, the temperature associated with a conductor. When the human body as a conductor, when the high-frequency output of the instrument tip with human skin tissue close to a certain distance, the spark generated by burning effect, at a temperature between 100 ℃ -3000 ℃, such high temperatures can burn the skin superfluous biological vaporization, make permanent lesions disappear, but such a high temperature also has the ability to cut, cut in small blood vessels can also be closed and stop bleeding.

Technical Parameters
Input voltage: 220V & plusmn; 10% / 50Hz
Working environment: 5–40 ℃ Relative humidity: & le; 85%
Power consumption: 10W-66W output frequency: about 1MHz
EDM output temperature: 100 ℃ -3000 ℃
Instrument Weight: 5.5Kg

Treatment range:
Surgical: superficial foreign body removal, sebaceous cysts, perianal abscess, anal fissure, anal fistula, Corn, hemorrhoids, circumcision, rectal polyps, underarm odor and the like.
Skin Branch: various nevi, flat warts, skin neoplasm, acne, sebaceous cysts, rosacea and so on.
Obstetric gynecology: cervical polyps, cervical cancer, leukoplakia and the like.
Medical Cosmetology: freckles, pierced ears, in addition to tattoos.

Comprehensive treatment instrument of human tissues and organs function:
1. solidification effect. Sparks and high temperatures generated by high-frequency electromagnetic waves near the body skin has solidified the role it can in a relatively short period of time at a lower temperature to more distant deep tissue coagulation.
2. hemostasis. 1.5mm diameter vascular effects following better use of its burning coagulation of small blood vessels can be closed so as to achieve hemostasis.
3. The role of vaporization. When higher power density absorbed by the tissue, when the temperature reaches above 2000 ℃, can shrink the tissue surface, dehydration and carbonization. Internal organization and the instantaneous vaporization of water is due to the explosion, the pressure generated by the explosion, the surrounding tissue can generate a lot of empty pores, thereby undermining the vitality of the organization.
4. The cutting action. Vaporization also a role either in contact or not in contact, so that high temperature cracked skin and muscle, thus further cut tissue, to achieve the purpose of the cutting.