Ultrasound treatment for classification purposes and Introduction

Ultrasound used in a wide range of health care, there is application testing, inspection, health and beauty, treatment areas; currently focuses on the application of ultrasonic treatment of a wide therapeutic range of the instrument.

1.Press the therapeutic range can be divided into: general-purpose ultrasound therapy device on the market are more versatile and can accommodate multiple departments use;
focused ultrasound therapy device, such devices are mainly used in the treatment of gynecological and cancer treatment, for tumor therapy, also called ultrasound knife;
ultrasound cardiovascular therapeutic equipment, mainly for cardiovascular treatment, rehabilitation for stroke, coronary heart disease and other diseases have a certain effect.
home ultrasound therapy device for home health care treatment, neck, shoulders, waist, legs, knees, joints and other intractable inflammation, pain and stiffness treatment effect is obvious.
aspects of sports injuries, ultrasound therapy device has reached a relatively good results.
fracture ultrasonic treatment, other than for the brain, spinal fractures.
an ultrasonic dental treatment machine (dental ultrasonic scaler) is mainly used for cleaning teeth, periodontal disease, etc.
phacoemulsification instrument for ophthalmic cataract surgery.

2. according to the ultrasonic frequency can be divided into:
single-frequency ultrasonic treatment, physical therapy can do an ultrasound frequency;
dual-frequency ultrasonic treatment, generally 1MHz and 3MHz two frequencies;
combined ultrasound treatment, not only the functional features include electrotherapy ultrasound, infrared, drug import, etc.
ultrasonic frequency within a range of adjustment, such as 0.5–5MHz adjust the frequency selection very wide range of frequencies for different focal adjustments.

3. the output mode can be divided into two types: continuous mode and pulsed mode.

4. according to the output channel sub: single, dual and quad-channel ultrasonic treatment, dual-channel simultaneous treatment of two patients.

5. according to the size of the instrument can be divided into: handheld ultrasonic treatment, desktop ultrasonic therapy device and ultrasonic treatment instrument carts, cart main face of the medical unit.

6. ultrasonic beauty instrument
has a mechanical action, thermal effect and chemical effect. Ultrasonic beauty instrument utilizing ultrasonic three major roles in human facial treatment, in order to achieve cosmetic purposes.
Ultrasonic ultrasound ultrasound classification purposes.

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