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By Dr Caroline Taylor-Walker from Medical Skin Clinic Australia

Do you look in the mirror, pull your cheeks up to your ears and wish the skin would stay there?

To your expected horror, after releasing the skin, does it then drop and cause your face to feel older and tired?

Do you then feel down hearted and wish you could do something about it — but feel the surgical knife is not the option for you?

If this is something you find yourself doing — we have an answer!! The answer is in a procedure called Thread Lifts……….

Not something spoken about too often as it is quite new and limited practitioners do it…. But results are fantastic.

Great for heaviness around the mouth or jawline

Thread lifts fall between fillers and a face lift. They do what the name suggests — a thread is used to lift areas of the face.

The process is really, really simple and is actually no different to having filler put in the face.

In a simple procedure a thread is run underneath the skin to lift an area of the face. It is most commonly used to lift the cheeks and the jowls. So it pulls the cheek up towards the ear, as you would do to yourself in the mirror resulting in less heaviness and lines around the mouth OR and it lifts the lower face up towards the ear producing a stronger jawline without jowls.

Where and how threads are placed under the skin.

If you have got a lot of heaviness around the mouth or around the jowl, it is a really great treatment to lift those areas back up to where they used to sit. This can often be a better choice than fillers that are used to fill out the cheeks to even out that heaviness. This can sometimes leave you to have that ‘pillow face’ people don’t want. Often people do not need extra volume. They just need the skin to be put back to where is used to sit.

“Pillow Face”- Too much filler inserted into the cheeks , rather than correctly lifting the heaviness around the mouth and lower face back to where it used to sit with a thread lift.

So it is a really quick and easy procedure. It takes about 30- 45 minutes to do with just a little bit of local anaesthetic and sensations of pulling. You might have some bruising, dimples and skin ruffles by the ears, mild swelling and tenderness in the area for about a week, but these all settle to produce great results.

They gradually dissolve over 18 months

Depending on your individual concerns one thread can be used to elevate the cheek and jowl or 2 threads may be required to do this. Once a thread is in place another can be put in at ANY time, you do not need to wait for it to dissolve to repeat the procedure.

Dermal Filler can also be used simultaneously to add volume to the area if it is lacking, or may be added anytime afterwards if required. The thread should not affect normal life or further facial or cosmetic treatments required.

There is NO sudden drop in the skin as the thread dissolve

The threads are actually left in the skin and they gradually dissolve over 18 months, BUT the reaction that forms around the threads continues to produce a lift within the skin that was better than what you had before you had the threads put in.

Whilst the threads are in place and after they have dissolved the skin continues to age as normal. There is NO sudden drop in the skin as the thread dissolve and the procedure leaves your appearance at a better starting point of continued aging than before the threads were inserted.

I will just show you a quick picture of this as it is hard to explain without a picture.

Results after a thread lift improving heaviness around the mouth and forming a much nicer curvature to the cheek.

So you can see this person ( first picture) had a lot of heaviness around the mouth. A thread was put in, and it has pulled the skin around the mouth up towards the cheeks to reduce the heaviness and improve the looks of the cheeks.

I will just quickly show you another one.

Great improvement to the jawline after a thread lift.

This person had problems with their jowls — a lot of heaviness around the jawline. Again a thread was put in underneath the skin to lift that skin to result in a better jaw line without the jowls.

Sound great — it’s because it is!!

It can be used at any age, results are better for those with less skin to lift, but they can often be a good option if you feel a face lift is required.

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