The Forgotten Signs of Ageing

By Dr Caroline Taylor-Walker

Everyday we look in the mirror and pick something on our faces that need changing. We all want to know the magic cures for ageing, sun damage and fine lines. We have numerous clients come and experience facial rejuvenation within our clinic but we forget other body areas, that if not treated can actually show our true age. But if these areas are loved and treated well, it can actually make a huge difference to your overall appearance.

The best anti-ageing method is protection.

These tell tale areas are your décolletage, hands and neck. These areas are hit on a daily basis by environmental free radicals and are often forgotten about. They receive no daily skincare regimes or are often not protected from the sun with SPF or shade. The great thing is, these areas can also be rejuvenated and look amazing.

Changes that can occur with age and sun exposure in the hands.

The best anti-ageing method is protection. Always remember to smother theses areas with SPF when out and about. Sun damage is the number one cause of premature aging, collagen loss, skin sagging, wrinkle and sunspots. The hands are often forgotten about — especially when driving. UVA is present in our atmosphere all year round and can penetrate glass to cause constant free radical damage to your beautiful mitts. So ensure they are protected. The décolletage is usually exposed due to low tops. Damaged skin in this area can be a huge ageing sign — so ensure you either apply sunscreen or wear a higher top.

Most skincare products can also been used on these areas, or are specifically made to treat them. So treat your décolletage, hands and neck to a succulent, hydrating, repairing regime to make the area smooth and glow. Our Medik8 Vitamin C is fantastic at preventing and treating aged skin, pigmentation and rejuvenating areas. Also our Medik8 HydraB5 serum deliciously hydrates the skin to ensure it is hydrated and plump. So rub some on these ignored areas and make them feel special.

Results after Wrinkles Schminkles

Wrinkles Schminkles are silicon pads sold at the clinic that have been specifically developed to rejuvenate these telling areas. These pads are applied to the neck or chest overnight every night. The silicon is fantastic at improving the skin quality and reducing fine lines, whist the pad also helps to smooth the skin and prevent further lines. An amazing easy solution that could bring years back to your life.

Dermal filler is great if you want instant rejuvenation.

If you are struggling, these areas can also undergo the clinic rejuvenation treatments your face is aware of. Treatments such as skin peels, skin needling, laser and platelet rich plasma can be performed to induce collagen, tighten the skin and reduce any surface irregularities, pigmentation or fine lines.

Results after Filler in the Hnads

Dermal filler is great if you want instant rejuvenation. Plumping up the back of the hands or décolletage with some soft smoothing filler can help to reduce lines, prevent further lines and improve the skin quality by aiding hydration and inducing collagen production.

Results after Dermal Filler in the décolletage area.

So what are you waiting for? Do not ignore these poor areas any longer. Give them some love and treat them to some rejuvenation.

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