Top 6 Myths & Facts About Diabetes

There’re several myths regarding diabetes which can make separating truth from myth tough. To get rid of the confusion, we have broken down some of the typical misconceptions regarding diabetes. Hope this will clear your misunderstanding.

Myth — Diabetes isn’t serious

Truth — Well, there’s no such thing as “mild” diabetes. All kinds of diabetes are serious & can guide to difficulties if not managed properly.

Myth — All kinds of diabetes are the same

Truth — There’re different kinds of diabetes one can experience. However, the most usual are type-1, type-2 & gestational diabetes. Each kind of diabetes has diverse causes & can be managed in diverse ways but once you have any kind of diabetes apart from gestational diabetes, it requires to be managed daily. Gestational diabetes disappears following pregnancy; however it does considerably improve someone’s chances of building up type-2 diabetes afterward in life. Keep in mind that all kinds of diabetes are complex and should be managed carefully. This is where high-quality diabetic testing supplies come into play as they offer you correct measurement of your blood glucose level; hence help you manage your diabetes efficiently.

Myth — You get type-1 diabetes only when you are young

Truth — The beginning of type-1 diabetes takes place most regularly in people under thirty years, however recent studies shows nearly half of all people who build up the condition & are diagnosed over the age of thirty.

Myth — You get type-2 diabetes only when you became old

Truth — Well, type-2 diabetes generally develops in grownups over the age of forty-five but is increasingly happening in younger generation including adolescents, children and young kids.

Myth — Nobody in my family has diabetes, so I shouldn’t worry

Truth — Well, family history is only one of the risk factors for type-2 diabetes.

Myth — Only individuals with type-2 diabetes require insulin

Truth — Type-2 diabetes is a progressive state, 50% of people with type-2 diabetes will require insulin after 6 to ten years of being examined with diabetes since the pancreas generates fewer insulin over time. Taking medicines when needed can consequence in lesser complexities in the long term & should the most important part of managing type-2 diabetes.