Medicast is now part of Providence St. Joseph Health

In late 2012, our founding team got together and came up with a crazy idea: what if we could bring back old school doctor house calls, and make requesting a doctor as simple as tapping a button on your smart phone? It was a bold vision, and it was driven by one simple mission: to give patients a way of getting high quality and compassionate care in the comfort of their own home.

So in 2013, we became the first mobile-app-based house call service, pioneering a new way of delivering care directly to patients. Within a year we launched our service in multiple metropolitan markets including Miami, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Since then, dozens of companies with a similar offering and mission have launched, and we’re excited to see the industry continue to evolve and the adoption of house calls continue to grow.

Over time, we realized the importance of working more closely with health systems and collaborating with them as a means of launching innovative at-home care services that would be powered by the Medicast platform, but offered under a health system’s brand and provided by its own caregivers. We learned that healthcare experiences should not be purely transactional, but that house calls should be a part of a broader continuum of care — one delivered by health systems with a trusted brand and vast provider network, and more importantly, one that patients could go to for all of their healthcare needs beyond a single primary or urgent care episode.

One early adopter of our platform nearly 18 months ago was Washington-based Providence St. Joseph Health, the 3rd largest non-profit health system and one of the top innovative health organizations in the country. Since the beginnings of our collaboration, we’ve continually been impressed by how forward-thinking they are as an organization and how much they invest in new technology and resources. Much of this has been fueled by the addition of a digital innovation group (made up of many former Amazon and Microsoft employees) and the launch of a $150m fund, both headed by their Chief Digital Officer who is himself an ex-Amazonian with a fair share of startup experiences and successes.

I’m thrilled to announce that Medicast has been acquired by Providence, and that we will be joining the system’s Strategy & Innovation group. We’re super excited about the value that Providence sees in our technology and our team, and we intend to continue building great new features into our platform. As Providence continues to move healthcare into the digital age, the Medicast platform will be a key component of a wider strategy to ensure that more patients can have access to convenient, compassionate care delivered both in-person and virtually.

Thank you to our investors, early adopters, and supporters for believing in us from our earliest steps. Special thanks also to our to mentors and advisors, including Techstars and StartUp Health, for helping us contribute to the reimagination of healthcare.

To our current and future customers: there are some exciting things in the pipeline — the details of which will be shared within the next couple of months. For the time being, it’s business as usual, with the exception that we are now backed by an incredible organization who sees a bright future in the Medicast platform and fully supports our growth and expansion into new health systems and hospitals.