Why Should You Live A Stress-Free Life?

Have you ever experienced a feeling when you sense that things are going overboard and testing your patience? Do you feel that your brain is overloaded and everything is just about too much to handle? At times like this the pressure starts to bog us down and our well-being is threatened. There are certain stresses that act as a catalyst in our life and prompt us to perform better and face challenges head-on. These stresses help the perform concentrate on the issue and solve it better, but can you imagine the condition if the stress starts to take over the physical and mental functioning of the person?

Some stresses give a person an aim and focus in life, but there are others that are a strain on the nerves. We need to get rid of the stressor that is a stimulant in increasing the stress levels. The more exposure to the stressors, the higher the stress levels the person faces. The response to the stress leads to a physical and psychological load on the body. Normally the person tries to stay away from the reasons for stress or faces it headlong.

High stress levels lead to a hormonal imbalance and an excessive production of adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. This shows up typical symptoms like sweating, increased alertness, faster heart rate, action position all which are essential to face a problem. Because of the high stress levels the immunity and digestion of the body get affected. The person feels a rise in blood pressure, heart rate, stiffness in muscles and loss of sleep.

It is the situation which gives us options for action. Till the situation calms down, our stress levels stay high, and the body functioning is affected in the worst possible manner. Stress is a common complaint when we keep facing different kind of situations in life. We automatically look for resources, skills or responses to deal with the stressful situation, but not everyone interprets the circumstances in the same manner. An official or hectic home situation can lead to emotional exhaustion and loads of stress, thus affecting the physical and psychological health and happiness of a person.

The risk of a heart attack is greatly increased with a constant exposure to stress, which is a constant companion in the busy lives of people. The heart condition may take some time to show up maybe even years, but the negative health impact can be seen in the near future.

The patient often feels the immense pressure and overload because of constant stress threat. The stress may be because of normal day to day happenings like loud noises, poor health, speeding vehicles, sexual dysfunctions, exams, and memory and concentration failures.

You can try out the side-effect-free and safe ayurvedic remedy like baba ramdev ayurvedic medicine for stress which has been created from the ancient science of healing in India. You need to stay away from excessive sugar, caffeine and bleached food products because the adrenal gland has to perform extra work to process them .