Family practice, now known as family medicine, is a medical specialty devoted to overall health care for people of all ages. It was in 1969 in the United States that family practice was first recognized as a special branch of medicine as it required more in depth knowledge and training in the field of medicine to qualify as a family or general practitioner. Family medicine came to India only during the late 90s.

Being a very broad term, family medicine encompasses treatment of all sorts of diseases relating to all organs of the body across several members of the family, which may span across different age groups. Family Practice in Noida is a clear example of primary health care where the patient and doctor are in direct contact. A lot of countries like the US, UK and Canada have well established family health care systems. In India, too , a well structured family care system exists. Although, shortages of doctors opting for family care as a specialization are reported because it is allegedly not as well paying as opting for other specialties like cardiology or neurology, for instance. This is a sad turn of events as being someone’s family practitioner can be a very rewarding job because of the personal one on one interaction a family physician shares with her patients and also the satisfaction of having helped scores of families through their ailments. Let’s take an example : what would be more satisfying, performing an operation on someone you don’t even know or relieving someone who you are familiar with from their cause of pain ?

This is not to say that other professions are not as spiritually rewarding. Of course they are. Financially, even more so. But there are different types of people and hence different types of doctors in the world, with different ambitions. One also needs a particular knack for being a genral / family physician because it involves the formation of a bond with patients. The decision maker of a family will trust with the responsibility of health care for his or her family only a physician who seems worthy and good at their job.

That being said, being a family medicine physician is not easy at all. It requires constant and rigorous training, along with a commitment to lifelong learning . There have also been significant efforts in providing family health care in areas lacking resources, like economically backward regions. It is in these areas that family medicine is most important, because , let’s take the example of a rural household in India which is primarily composed of uneducated adults earning bread through unskilled labour. These partially informed adults are responsible for themselves and their young children. It makes one shiver to think the type of decisions they may take regarding health issues of their young ones since they have no clue about the proper course of action to take in case a health hazard arises. It is therefore essential that good quality and affordable Family Practice in Noida practitioners are able to offer their services to the underprivileged.

Family medicine may not be looked upon as the most prestigious of specialties, but it certainly seems like a very rewarding one. By — Sukanya

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