Bounty Program Announcement

Sep 19, 2019 · 1 min read

We heartily welcome every one of you to MediLiVes (MLIV) Bounty Program.

The best place to stay up to date and ask questions about the Bounty is the Bounty ANN Thread :

MediLiVes team is starting its Official Bounty Campaign in order to reward its supporters with MLIV tokens.

We want to distribute 100 Million MLIV tokens through the Bounty Program for two important reasons, to raise awareness about the project as well as to distribute tokens for more community decentralization.

ANN MediLiVes Thread Bitcointalk:…
ANN Bounty Thread Bitcointalk:

Bounty Rewards
Total Bounty Pool of 100M MLIV tokens will be divided as follows:

1) Social Media Bounty : 25% = 25 million MLIV
2) Youtube Bounty : 20% = 20 million MLIV
3) Moderation & Community Management Bounty: 15% = 15 million MLIV
4) Translation Bounty: 10% = 10 million MLIV
5) Bug Reporting Bounty: 10% = 10 million MLIV
6) Mainstream Media Bounty: 20% = 20 million MLIV

Starts : Sept 18th 2019
Duration : 4 Weeks

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