Official Announcement- MediLiVes Global Webinars

Sep 3, 2019 · 1 min read

MediLiVes Global Webinars have been scheduled for Wednesday, Sept 4, 2019 for our Global Community.

Global Webinar Session 1 : at 3 PM UK time on Wednesday, Sept 4
Register Now:

Global Webinar Session 2 : at 7 PM UK time on Wednesday, Sept 4
Register Now:

We will be discussing :
-A detailed description of the MediLiVes project
- Our Mission and Vision
-The use and benefits of MediLiVes token from patients, to doctors and providers.
- The MediLiVes App
- The MediLiVes Token Airdrops
- Community Member Contest and Rewards

Host: Sunny Ahonsi, CEO, MediLiVes

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