Sep 18, 2019 · 4 min read

Hello MediLiVes Community,

We’ve had another amazing week at MediLiVes and we want to share some great updates and developments. Read, Digest and Enjoy!

👉 MediLiVes Pre-Launch Conference

On Saturday we all enjoyed a fantastic pre-launch MediLiVes conference at the Staybridge Hotel in the Olympic Village.

The conference was well attended by different group of entrepreneurs from the crypto space, e-commerce sector, pharmaceutical industry and various other ventures.

Our CEO Sunny Ahonsi, opened the conference by sharing MediLiVes’ passion for individual and team-collective dedication to improving the health and happiness of the lives of all people with nobody left out. He shared an overview of how far MediLiVes, his brain-child, has come so far, where we are now and where on-track we are to launch the project into the world on November 16th 2019.

Sunny, in his own much-loved peerless style, expanded on the scope of the healthcare applications of the MediLiVes’ hardware devices to Blockchain opportunities in globalised secure health-information exchange; to reductions in the frictions and costs of current intermediaries; and to clearer and immediately available decentralised data so as better to assess, plan and deliver more resource-efficient and cost-effective value of healthcare. This is not an exhaustive list.

The MediLiVes Project aims will result in improved healthcare outcomes not only for patients but also for all stakeholders (e.g. funding agencies; medical staff; administration staff; supply-chain optimisation; maintenance costs).

Sunny further discussed, with his infectious enthusiasm, the MLIV’s present token-progress and its pre-launch market momentum.

The heart, the driving force, of MediLiVes is a factor, all too often ignored, ridiculed or dismissed by people who unwittingly set themselves up to fail in the core necessity of their lives’ endeavours. That driving force, that core necessity, is a moral imperative to maintain at all times that we, human beings, are one life.

At the heart of MediLiVes is our moral imperative to work to do whatever is in our personal and team power to help others. This imperative is expressed both in our dedication to our project and in our philanthropic commitment to those suffering who need not only structural technical systems to help them but also — and just as importantly — recognition that their individual and collective human significance is neither less nor more than that of any other human being. In this matter MediLiVes is the realisation of all peoples’ common birth-right to their inviolable human dignity.

In recognition of our Corporate Social Responsibility in this regard, MediLiVes has instituted a commitment to delivering recognition to openly nominated organisations that need such recognition.

The three recipient organisations that have been nominated for our first contributions are:

  1. Montessori School and Orphans Organisation, Tanzania received by Sanna Soini.

2. Oruarivie-Abraka Kingdom Community Project, Nigeria received by Dr Tony Ogefere.

3. Grace Harvest Ministry Trust, India received by John McKay.

Martin Territt, MediLiVes International Affairs Advisor, closed the conference by reiterating the core points of the presentations of the MediLiVes’ business model and the core values at the heart of this model.

👉 Quiz Prize Winners

Congratulations to our Telegram channel quiz winners, Ryan Sizer and Cherry Mae Tabjan. They were voted by our jury as having provided the best answers to our Quiz Question 1.

👉 MediLiVes Airdrop is still Live

MediLiVes Airdrop is still dropping millions of MLIV Tokens. Don’t miss this opportunity to grab yourself some FREE tokens.

By participating in the bot, you will receive 1200MLIV tokens and for any person you refer to participate in the bot you will receive an additional 600MLIV referral tokens.

Interact with our t.me/MediLivesAirdropbot to participate in the Airdrop program.

To read more visit Latest Press Release on:https://coindelite.com/ico-press-release/medilives-to-airdrop-100-million-mliv-tokens

👉 We are hiring- Join us today!

We are hiring Community Managers, Country Heads, Advisors & Investment consultants for the MediLiVes Global Project. The rewards for each role will be shared at the time of the Interview Call.

Please proceed to the link to submit your application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfdhL5Eds2Fc_lO3-5KA1OOCKdmXR3PmNnZKnMRL8XOSqVpag/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1

Keep up with our latest developments on our social media platforms.

Join Us Today and Save Lives .

Life It Is. Live It.



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