Sep 16, 2019 · 2 min read

Congratulations to the Winners of ‘Time to Quiz’ weekly contest for Question Q1!

Winners are :

1) Ryan Sizer, Ohio, United States

2) Cherry Mae Tabjan, Philippines

Q1: Technology is changing the way you see a doctor, while some people think technology such as AI can make doctors obsolete while some believe it will augment them and optimize their performance. Share your views.

The Winning Answers are :

I don’t think AI will ever make doctors obsolete because the most important element of all when it comes to medical care is the human element. All the robots, AI and technology in the world could never replace humans caring for humans. I do believe that AI will further enhance the doctor’s ability to successfully diagnose and treat patients. And on a personal note, I can’t wait until the nurses can use technology to instantly find a vein in my arm and draw my blood with 100% efficiency. 🙂 — Answer by Ryan Sizer, Ohio, United States


I am in favor of the latter statement. Technology was made by us humans way back then for us feel at ease and live in comfort. Technology has been a part of our daily lives but we should not forget that it is and will always be human intervention that paved the way why technology is existing. We need doctors,nurses and all medical staffs to operate our machines because the brain will always be us. Equipments and other advanced gadgets are helping our medical staffs to provide excellent and trusted medical care and attention to all its patients. It gives them a better analysis and solutions to some medical cases that really needs immediate antidote. Technology brings out the best in us humans as we are the number one beneficiary of it.Still it all boils down to this: Technology is nothing without humans. 😁😉❤️ — Answer by Cherry Mae Tabjan, Philippines

We thank and wish all the best to all other participants for their participation. Stay connected for the next question (Q2) for this week.

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