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Retention drives business in healthcare industry. However, this process requires timely intervention and personalized outreach to make meaningful and deep-rooted patient connections.

Personalized patient engagement and automation of this process helps to solve this problem. Integrating Personalization in the healthcare industry is essentially about the ability to identify patterns, analyze data sets and create a more engaging experience with the patients, way more efficiently than any human being.

Let’s be clear with one fact right at the outset- whichever healthcare business you are running, you can never stay untouched with the advent of technology impacting your business towards massive transformation.

The business of healthcare has so far been behind the technology pace of other industries but cannot stay so, with Patient expectations rapidly moving towards digital experiences, much like other industries.

With changing patient expectations, Increasing competition — more providers, reducing margins & economies of scale, Diagnostic Business in churning rapidly. On one hand, the goal is to always help improve patient outcomes and experiences while on the…

In our highly digitized and data-driven world, today’s consumers have come to expect companies to know them, offer products based on previous purchases, anticipate needs based on interactions with the company and tailor messages specifically designed for them. Not surprisingly, patients (who are also consumers) have come to expect this same level of personalization from their healthcare providers.

Yet, in the midst of all this personalization, many patients feel the information they receive from their healthcare providers is not tailored to their needs.

A recent West study found that only 12 percent of chronic patients feel strongly that their healthcare…

Although the demand in the healthcare sector is increasing, concerns are growing regarding patient loyalty. Due to the rising cost of care, patients are compelled to behave like consumers who compare growing set of healthcare options. Therefore, examining patient’s lifetime value becomes very important.

Model for Creating Patient lifetime value

Patient Lifetime Value (PLTV) can be calculated in many ways, but typically you need the following:

  1. Number of visits per year (V)
  2. Average amount spent on each visit (AS/V)
  3. Patient’s current age and gender (Calculate life expectancy (LE))
  4. Disease category and frequency of visits suggested on an average (ADFV)

Once you have a hold of the…

Until recently, medical practices have had the luxury of ignoring patient experience metrics. Times are changing and failing to consider this important dynamic can now lead to lower revenues, increased costs, and decreased reimbursements.

Are you having diarrhea and vomiting? If yes then you are a victim of “Stomach flu”. The real name of stomach flu is Gastroenteritis. Though in its name the term “Flu” is present, but it really has nothing to do with the flu. When a person is having gastroenteritis, its intestines and intestines are wounded up and swollen. It usually happens because of a viral infection or a bacterial infection.

The symptoms of Gastro

In gastro or as Doctors say “Gastroenteritis”, the initial symptoms are that a person having gastro may probably have boggy diarrhea and excessive vomiting. …

Sugar! We consume it daily whether deliberately or unintentionally and mostly get the wrong impression about this ingredient. There are various kinds of sugar and many ways through which our body consumes it. Many scientists call it “A Slow Poison”, contradictory to this; many people say it is the sweetest ingredient present of earth. Let us discuss some different types of sugar and all the ways through which they affect our body. Furthermore, we would discuss whether this ingredient is healthy or harmful for our body.

Different types of Sugar:

Typically, there are many forms of sugar present on earth, like glucose, fructose and…

The advancement of information technology is also having a significant impact on the healthcare sector as well as it is providing ways to cure cancer and enable patients to lead normal lives. The developments that have been made in cancer treatment are the result of the long-term investment in fundamental research related to the immune system which is still going on today. Further research is still being carried out to clarify why immune therapy is beneficial for some patients but not for others.

Information technology has also enabled the experts to identify the symptoms of research at an early stage…


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