The Social Media Battle in South Asia

The decision by the Indian government to defang Article 370, a long enduring painful yet fruitless legacy of more than 70 years, has triggered shockwaves in the South Asian subcontinent. The most enraged parties are those who supported separatism in the Kashmir valley and their proxy supporters in Pakistan. The other entities are those who still lived in an illusionary world of Indo-Pak “sher-o-shayari” and post-partition hangover.

As expected, the decision by Modi government on Aug 5th 2019 pulled the earth under the feet of the Pakistani army, the de-facto rules of Pakistan. A hotbed of extremist Islamic terrorism, this nation has always believed in the agenda of disintegrating India while keeping the “Aman Ki Asha” brigade busy in diverting the agenda from their hateful ideology.

While the Pakistani Army has maintained an effective presence in the social media as a military strategy for a very long time, India has been significantly lagging on that front. The post-Balakot International media coverage was a trailer of what is at its peak climax right now.

After India bombed the terrorist camps in Feb 2019, Pakistani army went into a red alert and ensured that all their stooges working in various media/print journalism around the world did what they had had been groomed and were being paid for. A few noteworthy mentions are listed below( I am intentionally not including any Pakistani handles here as it is obvious they will support Jihadis):

An analysis of tweets posted by these gentlemen/women clearly exposes their biased reporting. Compared to the incisive and aggressive tweets against anything that the Modi government does, their tweets when Islamic extremism strikes are timid and nothing more than artificially induced tears. What is important to note is that, they carefully try to deflect the agenda from the clear reason of “Islamic” extremism to “General” extremism around the world.

Here are a few examples:

Notice how carefully Rana Ayyub switches the agenda from the Islamic terrorism to Malegaon blasts in India and subsequently uses it to target Modi government !

While this reflects the deep malaise in the Indian so-called self-proclaimed intellectual media, the manner in which the ISI has taken over Imran Khan’s twitter account completely has not just laid threadbare the perpetual deep fostered hatred of Pakistanis against anything Un-Islamic, it has also demolished the utopian wet dream of these pests who have been thriving like parasites within India.

Here are some of the no-holds-barred tweets from Mr Imran Khan who a few months ago, many intellectuals in India were demanding Nobel Peace prize for.

Any head of any country, no matter what its core ideology is, will never be as shameless as Imran Khan is while attacking Indians. It somehow also lends more credibility to Modi and his firmness while dealing with these people. Post-Balakot, Imran Khan made a statement in his Parliament that he wanted to engage in peaceful discussion with Modi but the latter never picked up his phone call. He also made a heavily edited video proclaiming himself to be a peaceful ambassador of his country.

However, this man with his recent tweets has nullified his fake act of offering peace.

If there is nothing else, it exposes the rot and filth that has so heavily infested the Pakistanis including this man who for a long time used to make enormous amount of money by visiting India in the conferences conducted by the “Aman Ki Asha” brigade. He was also offered significant money by the innocent Indians for speaking in India Today conclave as he was considered to be a fine cricketer who could rise beyond hatred. How wrong they were !

Now, lets look at the number of tweets made by Sagarika Ghose, Cynthia Richie, Rana Ayyub, Mehdi Hassan etc in response to these venomous racist tweets made by Pakistan. Apparently, the total number=0 !

Pakistan is extremely mad, but doesn’t know who to blame for its madness. Despite their best efforts and a surge of fake propaganda videos made by its citizens portaying imaginary and false persecution of Kashmiris by Indian armed forces, the outcome hasn’t been to its liking.

Attempt to internationalize Kashmir- FAILED

Attempt to cause mass protests in Kashmir- FAILED

Attempt to use nuclear blackmail-FAILED

In the game of cricket, it is a common occurrence that when a team is guaranteed defeat chasing an impossible total, it goes berserk and just throws its bat at every delivery trying to score a 6 off every ball. In this mad chase, it only ends up getting humiliated even further as it exposes its poor approach and thoughtlessness when faced with crisis. Unfortunately, Imran Khan is doing the same as the game is lost ! Or may be as their ex-cricketer Shahid Afridi confessed in his autobiography, these peaceful messengers of sportsmanship play with the attitude of “suicide bombers” against India.

During the past few days, Indian strategists seem to have realized that they can’t let Pakistan control the social media narrative without any punitive action. As a result, despite a bit late in the game, they have managed to get suspended multiple twitter accounts of fake Pakistani handles. A careful analysis of these profiles revealed that often they used pictures of beautiful women to honey-trap followers and then used those followers to spread their false narratives.

A look at the number of twitter handles suspended makes it amply clear the kind of machinery at work in Pakistan whose only agenda is to malign India.

This list can also be used as a reference point to link those who support the agenda of fake news propagated by Pakistani ISI.

The image shared by Pakistani ISPR inadvertently also highlights the kind of human resources being exploited to further the message of hatred and vile.

Considering the deep economic crisis Pakistan is under, it is extremely unlikely it will perform any military misadventure. However, knowing its track record, one must be prepared for some cowardly covert acts of terrorism in different parts of India and using that to relate to the Kashmir issue.

Finally, this is the time to accept and acknowledge a fearless, confident, ambitious India under Modi that knows very well that even sky is not the limit and no cowardly act by any hostile neighbor will be tolerated.