Medium Post 1

For my Digital story I am choosing to compare my experience as a first generation college women student of color to others with a similar background. I have always been curious as to what things everyone is attracted too. I’m not entirely sure where i’m going with this topic, but have the feeling I will end up interviewing people within the minorities that made it into the U of M and asking how their experiences have been. Maybe ask the student groups they are involved in, how they came across them and why they chose to be apart of them.

Most of the time I hear that people join clubs that are related to their nationality or have some sort of history with it. After being at the U for a couple weeks I realized that it isn’t always true! You can find many new experiences if you go out of your comfort zone and interact with people you usually wouldn’t. It would be nice to see what brought the person to join something completely different from their culture and how it affected them after experiencing it. Was there culture shock? Did you find many similarities between yourself and the people you met?

Some people I am already thinking about asking how their experience has been are the people in Cultural Fraternities and Sororities, people in cultural associations that are not directly related to them, and people in other student groups that are filled with diversity.

I am considering this topic very seriously because I know for a fact that I want to know more about Korean culture and that is something very unexpected for someone that doesn’t know me personally to guess or maybe even understand. Just like me I have seen people mix and match between each other and do things that you would not “normally” experience.

I also want to see just how strong the bond between the minorities here at the U is. Do they all help each other out or is everyone doing their own thing? How do the older students of color treat the younger ones that are coming in? I would also be interested in seeing if there are some who try to avoid other students of color or who have been isolated from the rest.

My overall purpose through this digital story is to hopefully demonstrate the strong bond that exists between all the students of color. How the students express solidarity is going to be a big part of my research.