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Adventurers at ub-cool used Spartan Race to raise Epilepsy Awareness

After suffering from uncontrollable epilepsy for over 14 years, the ub-cool co-founder Medina Ilyassova underwent risky brain surgery two years ago. Now epilepsy-free, Ilyassova’s lifelong goal is to raise awareness about epilepsy and educate society about this condition.

Noting that epileptics are often stigmatised in their own societies in the Middle East, ub-cool team want to bring forth a message that epileptics lead normal lives, overcome normal challenges and sometimes achieve much more than others.

The Spartan Race is a series of physical obstacles that the participants must overcome. By participating in this difficult challenge, the ub-cool team hope to inspire others to overcome their own obstacles and grow to become stronger people.

“Epileptics are the same as you and me. They go to school, they have families and jobs, they become successful artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, politicians. Epileptics can run marathons, become Olympic champions and even presidents,” says Ilyassova.

“When life gets harder — challenge yourself to get stronger.” — KushandWizdom.tumblr.com