The Reason You Don’t Need an Antidote for Your Addiction
Nate Hilpert

Thanks Nate, this really gave me a new perspective. I have a much more optimistic mindset on refraining from pornography now. I went four years with out it, so I know that its possible for me to choose better ways of coping with hidden pain. I also struggle with OCD and self esteem issues. It seems like when I start to care about someone, it does not get reciprocated. I try to have thick skin and brush it off, but its happened so many times that I am beginning to believe I’m unlovable. I have had many “things” with many girls but nothing ever lasts long-term. It feels like I am the problem because they are the ones who lose interest or leave. Even when I mess up its hard for me to trust that God loves me still. I used to have a strong desire to love someone, but its been fading away since I returned to porn. Now, its like I don’t want anything serious because I might feel the pain of rejection again. I know God has a plan for me, and I like that you pointed out that peace doesn’t come from just being sober because I feel like I will only be happy once porn is no longer in my life. But like you said, these habits are road maps to our greatest strengths. So instead of just avoiding it, I will look forward to sharing my struggle and inspiring people to choose love, to choose life, to choose freedom. Thanks again man, much love to everyone at Heartsupport. You guys are the best and inspire me in so many ways.

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