All you need to know about Medipedia’s Bilateral Review System

A blockchain network is decentralised and immutable by its inherent nature. Hence, reviews on any blockchain based service must reflect these core qualities else the very credibility is put under scanner. Medipedia provides a blockchain driven platform for P2P connectivity between medical service providers, third party and medical consumers/patients. This system necessitates that reviews on the Medipedia platform are both insightful and effective. To do this Medipedia uses a Bilateral Review System.

What is the Bilateral Review System?

The Bilateral Review System is a two way review system interweaved as one. Medipedia uses the prowess of Machine Learning and Natural Processing to deliver an unbiased and transparent review system. Medipedia uses three forms of review system to improve efficiency and accuracy. These include:

  • Medical Staff Reviews
  • Medical Consumer Reviews
  • External Participant Reviews

Medical Staff Reviews: Key data points for review include consultation quality as well as ease and effectiveness of medical service procedures, facilities, etc. Further intangible parameters like friendliness of the service providers.

Medical Consumer Reviews: Key data points for review include time commitments and reviews of consumers from South Asia and Non-European States.

External Participant Reviews: External Participants on the Medipedia platform are evaluated on parameters like expertise, time commitment, simplicity and reuse intention.

MEP Points and Reviews

Medipedia Platform will collect a humongous amount of data via bilateral reviews. This data will be stored and secured on the Medipedia Network. Further, Medipedia employs Big Data Analysis and Machine Language Processing techniques to convert the review data into insightful data points with summary tags to offer an accurate picture of the services offered, the service provider efficiency and last but not the least the ease and comfort of medical procedures.

Besides, automatic summary tag system will make the bilateral system easy to use and insightful for patients and service providers alike. A few key features of the bilateral review system based on Big Data Analysis and NLP include:

  • Easy Translation to target/native language of Medipedia Platform users (Service Providers/patients /third party)
  • Automatic summary tag system for all reviews.
  • Minimum storage requirement for highly compressed review data.

Hence we see that Medipedia ensures a robust review system on its blockchain platform to deliver an efficient platform that caters to medical consumers and service providers alike. All participants can access insightful Bilateral Reviews and Tag Summaries via MEP reward points and make a more informed decision before hiring or providing medical services.

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