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In lots of methods, I expanded up as a ‘routine’ youngster in a tiny Iowa town below in the US. I had a loving and encouraging household, had wonderful friends as well as played sports completely with secondary school. In other means, my encounter was very different and also exciting-and would ultimately work as the basis for a big awakening in my life, on numerous levels.

My sibling as well as I, along with a shared good friend of ours began playing on-line casino poker for fake money. Shortly after, we made the dive and also started betting real cash. When that took place, a couple of other good friends joined us (you know who you all are) and also participated the action.

Though on April 15th, 2011 everything transformed in the on-line casino poker world and in my world alike. On just what is currently referred to as ‘Black Friday’ within the on-line texas hold’em world, the FBI raided and also closed down the 3 largest on the internet poker websites, which affected numerous individuals around the globe and also was done under really questionable ways. The earnings I was making on there (which was sufficient to give for myself like a day job) was now inaccessible and still to this day have actually not obtained it back. Just what was I to do since I had lots of spare time to read?


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The most effective thing I got from my time playing on-line casino poker was that it instructed me how to think, and not what to think. Despite what any person says, poker is a video game of skill and also not luck. The mind is exactly how these abilities develop as well as are utilized. One must not choose merely on mathematical, sensible, linear-based odds alone. One should likewise deciding based on just what could be called intuition, or gut- feeling.

In neuroscience terms, the left and right hemispheres of the mind have to both be actively made use of, with the left recognized by scientific research to assist process sensible, direct as well as mathematical details and also the ideal recognized to assist procedure creative, instinctive, non-linear information.

In most schools worldwide, the left hemisphere is mostly used, and compelled to be used as based on the methods of teaching. We are frequently just educated to memorize and duplicate as opposed to asking questions and also bring into play previous real life experience to show up at our answer or conclusion.

In learning how to think, I believe that asking the inquiry “why?” is the basis for such a process. In on-line poker, gamers are always asking themselves, “why?” Every decision they themselves make or a choice another gamer makes is for a reason. Whether that reason is simple and truthful or whether they are trying a bluff, every action has a reason behind it. In life and in our world around us, that is no different.

Beginning by asking myself why I did or really did not do particular points, such as eating a specific means, believing specific understandings regarding life or “just the way things are” or acting a specific way, led me to begin looking deeper into myself as well as see where I might make useful modifications in my life.

Asking why to life affairs likewise has led me to alter my perceptions of what we see as well as hear every day from supposed traditional media sources. In texas hold’em, every choice or activity has an intention behind it. The way our world has actually been set up is no various. I no much longer own a TELEVISION or take serious at all regarding 95% of what NBC, FOX, ABC, NBC, The New York Times, The Wall surface Street Journal, and so on placed out there. (Its a well established fact that 6 corporations own 90% of the American media electrical outlets) Choice, grass-roots media outlets is where you will find honest as well as investigatory journalism. As well as also after that, we must remain to discern and ask, what program or motive may this outlet have?

Additionally, we should not only analyze (left-brain) what info we are seeing and listening to, we need to with ease feel ( right-brain) how this info reverberates with us. Does it just look as well as sound good on paper in a manner of speaking (left-brain), yet not feel( right-brain) like it is truthful? With both the left as well as right mind hemispheres triggered various hours each week, over a duration of numerous years, I believe online poker has aided train my brain to actively use both hemispheres often and in everyday life situations, not just when confronted with a poker decision.

Quantum Leaps


A breakthrough is defined as when one electron from one orbital power level ‘jumps’ to another orbital energy degree that takes place within a couple milliseconds. Put simply, it is when an electron make an abrupt or abrupt degree shift that is enormous in size. In casino poker, this would certainly approach a gamer who gets on typical winning $200 each week that all of an abrupt and from nowhere begins winning $5,000 per week.

With myself, my sibling and our close friends who played online, I can claim for specific that most of us experienced a minimum of one ‘radical change’ in relation to our on the internet texas hold’em experience.

For my life, it actually taught me to assume huge and anticipate big, excellent and also wonderful points for myself, others as well as our world.

It instructed me that I must continuously ‘grind points out’, or obtain with the tough times with my head held high and to know that better times, or the quantum leap, was soon to commence.

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Though the word ‘awaken’ can imply various points, in respect to my time maturing playing casino poker, it indicates that I have stired up to the idea that we are here to dream as well as live big, anticipate miracles, concern all that we regard and also enjoy ourselves as well as others.

What are your thoughts? Has on-line video gaming in any kind of kind somehow helped you grow or discover traits in your life? Allow us understand your responses in the comments below or on the facebook message. What information can you pass on that could profit from?

Lance Schuttler graduated from the University of Iowa with a level in Health and wellness Science as well as does health and wellness coaching through his web site Orgonlight Wellness. You could adhere to the Orgonlight Wellness facebook web page or see the internet site to find out more and also other motivating write-ups.