Medium’s Weekend Reads


The Supreme Court Gives — and Takes Away by @adamscohen • 5 min read

“This week the Supreme Court declared that one great American civil rights movement has officially entered the mainstream and another is essentially over,” writes Adam Cohen about the Court’s gay marriage and voting rights decisions. But if Paula Deen’s recent outburst is any sign, we might not be post-racial yet; here’s Allison Robicelli with a Food Network bone to pick.

Mad Men Has Another PC Problem by @lisquart • 6 min read

Mad Men’s escapism ignores more than the problems of race, says Alissa Quart — it’s also boozily unaware of the digital culture that was bubbling up in the late ’60s. Lindsey Green, meanwhile, says escapism is the whole point, wondering whether Don Draper might actually be D.B. Cooper, the only uncaptured hijacker in aviation history.

Hand-Carved Ebony, Mozambique’s Alternative to Mass-Produced Plastic by @rowanmg • 6 min read

In Mozambique, it’s cheaper to replace a car door with a hardwood replica than with a factory-made equivalent. Read Rowan Moore Gerety’s report on why — and click over to his new collection, African Makers, for more on changes across the continent, where Wal-Mart stands to help farmers and cell phones are boosting literacy.


Publishers are flocking to Medium: Mother Jones, the biweekly famed for its hard-nosed investigative reporting, shares “The Science of Why We Don’t Believe in Science”; literary giant Farrar, Straus and Giroux solicits reading recs from some of its favorite authors; and Narratively, one of Time’s fifty best websites of 2013, posts in-depth New York stories, like “You Say Bagel, I Say Croissant.” (Also in the stacks: lots of new book excerpts, southern dispatches from Texas Monthly, urban studies from Next City, and war coverage from Syria Deeply.)


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