Medium’s Weekend Reads

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Learning from Los Gatos
by @stevenbjohnson

Steven Johnson comes to Silicon Valley’s defense after a New Yorker takedown of the tech center’s political culture: Techies may believe in decentralizing power, but that doesn’t mean they’re “greed-is-good market fundamentalists” — just that they want a system in which anyone can be a stakeholder, a fundamentally progressive idea.

The New York Times Told Me to Take This Down
by @CodyBrown

Last month, The New York Times won a Pulitzer Prize for “Snow Fall,” which was published in a show-horse digital version with video and animation. This week, Cody Brown recreated it in the space of an hour, in the hopes of making a tool kit anyone could use — and promptly found a NYT cease and desist order in his in-box.

Don’t Mess Up Tumblr: Five Lessons Learned from YouTube
by @hunterwalk

When you’re an Internet giant’s “shiny new toy,” it’s hard to keep your identity straight, says former YouTube product guy Hunter Walk. Among his sage tips for Tumblr: Beware of overly helpful Yahoos, and remember that the Web is bigger than your new owner. (Read more on Yahoo’s big move in the Yumblr Rumblr collection.)


Medium goes long in its collection for in-depth analysis and reportage. Read this week’s entries — a call for ethical fashion from Jenny Avins; a breakdown of the language of tragedy from Adrienne LaFrance; an inside-out look at the new Xbox One from Sam Machkovech — and check out the hits of weeks past.


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