Med school is like riding a bike….right?

What a week. This past Monday, I found out after what feels like a whirlwind of a year that I will in fact be spending the next five years of my life (at least!) learning how to be a surgeon. Tomorrow, I will find out where I will be spending these next five years. Match is a crazy process that is really unparalleled by anything I’ve ever heard of in other professions, and match day is for all of us in our last year of medical school the beginning of the next chapter of our lives. But next Monday, I will be starting, what feels like in many ways the real culmination of my medical school experience: a 3300 mile cross country bike ride with a group of medical students and friends. This will be the 12th year that Ride for World Health (R4WH), a student run organization and cycling team at the Ohio State University, has made this trip, a ride that starts in San Diego and ends once we hit the Atlantic in Delaware. We stop in Columbus on the way to graduate and then continue on to finish our ride as newly minted doctors. I had first heard about R4WH when I interviewed at Ohio State and still feel a little stunned that I will be spending the last two months of medical school biking 70 miles a day instead of rounding in the hospital.

Between learning how to fix a flat tire, worrying about keeping my feet warm in 30 degree weather, and finding out what Chamois Butter is for, my feelings have somewhat shifted from the sheer excitement I felt a month ago to anxiety about the road ahead (excuse the pun please). I won’t try too hard to compare medical school to cross country biking, but it seems that both take a lot of time, endurance, and a bit of pain. It’s definitely worth feeling nervous about but if all goes well, and I guess we’ll find out tomorrow for med school, it will be worth it in the end. Either way, I will be Tweeting and blogging along the way!