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This story about girl how’s got no friends at all , She was born in 2000 July 29 , her life was so hard for her but she got herself a solution to never gave a shit what people say about her and she forget about the idea of making friends so she start living her life alone but after two years of that solution she met a friend a boy how was really friendly to her and his fall love with her after 2 weeks and there life was good after that but I never told you the name of the girl her name was Kacy and the boy was Alex.

And when Kacy got 19 in her birthday or we say the day after her birthday there was some news in there city about some kind of eviction that hit china three day ago and some people say that it is really dangerous and killing so Kacy ran to her family and told them and told Alex so Alex was so worry so told Kacy father(Mr.Dras) that they should think of something from the moment Alex and Mr.Dras had to go to the shop to buy some food if some of that sickness come to California and in that shop they see something strange and of course they didn’t know anything about that sickness so they see a man with a red eyes and strange look on his face and when they see what is behind him they see a women and the man was eating her the women was alive and she was shouting for help Alex and Mr.Dras freak out ran out the shop and the moment they got out all the people were gone some of them were dead on the street Alex brought the car and they drove fast to house the find no one and there , there were blood marks on the floor and the wall Alex start looking around the house and shouting their names and after many times he heard something from far it was Kacy in the field of a farm close by with her sister, Alex called Mr.Dras they got together so they decided to go out of the city it was really empty streets and people were talking on the radio about the sickness they said that it arrived faster than they thought so some people are dead some are Zombies some are just infected so the sickness got the hole world and the cosmologists start thinking if it like it is the end of the world but the united state are thinking of making some space ships for Humanity to survive back to Kacy and her family they heard about the ships and they are thinking to go there and the ships are in Los Angles so it’s going to take time to get there but they have hope in their self know the family have got to stop for sleep over in some Gas station they refilled the car with gas there were no one in the station Alex looked inside the station he found gun (Shotgun) he brought some food from inside when he was going out he heard some shouting from Mr.Dras he ran outside he saw Zombie attacking him , and he shoot the zombie in the head and blood all over the place Mr.Dras was hit small one in his leg Alex helped Mr.Dras Alex asked him if he is ok Mr.Dras said : I am fine but from inside he was hurt and the sickness start taking of his body and after two days later Mr.Dras start doing weird things and after one hour Mr.Dras died and on his last breath told Alex that he have to take the girls to the ship and to take care of them , Kacy and her little sister never stopped crying and Alex was trying to be strong , and in that time the sickness ruled the world Europe , Asia, Africa, every place , in that time some people say that the ships were just for rich people and they are space ships and after week of drive and not having enough sleep they finally make it to Los Angles and know they just have to find the ships ,after they found them they were so big and huge and when they finally made it to the gate a man stopped them and told them this painful word (Do you have tickets) they said: no , the man didn’t let them In , In that moment they lost the hope of life but on the moment a man called them from up the ship and said: are you the son of Mr.Dras , Alex said : yes , in moment they met the man he ask about how were doing and we ask him what is going in the world so he told us everything we need to know and thin he ask us about some kind of key or ticket we said: no , but just in that time Alex remember that before Mr.Dras died he gave him some kind of package he take it out of his bag and open it , it has got two keys ,they were shocked Alex got the idea he left the keys to Kacy and her sister Kacy could not let him go so he stayed for the night at the night he left and the ship left and Kacy woke up she looked at window she saw Alex walking in street alone she shouted for him he turn around and look at her face crying for him in that week she never stop thinking about him and she don’t know if he stay alive so after three mouth she forgot about him and the captains of the four ships agree that the will send some people back to clear the united state so they cloud go back , so they are going to send people in some kind of suit they call it RAM the Pacific Ram , Kacy heard about it so she start her training with no idea of going back and after two weeks she got her RAM suit and it is really big suit two days later she was send to Earth to clean it with three author suits when they land there every suit should take side of the US so Kacy take California and after one week she cleared her zone , and in that moment she saw something , she saw the place that her father died in and she saw some movement in the on the street and from the sun sit she saw a face that she wanted to see in three months she saw her first friend and her first love (Alex) with her crying face she smiles.

Wrote by : Mohamed Algady

The End

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