X-Factor Show

Yesterday, i had a great day. My home stay family and I went to X-Factor show, and I’ve never imagined that i would go to such show, live! One day before, I’ve just found out that one of the family member works as a designer in the show. He actually designs the wardrobes of all performers, including the dancers. Since he are still working while the performances are going on, he can not see how the dresses are in the stage. Therefore, he always records the show on tv, so he can watch it when he arrives home.

The show began at 18.30, so we had to arrive few hours before. We have been told that we needed to be in Fox Studio at 16.00. When we got there, there was long queue, and I was afraid that we need to wait for such long time. Surprisingly, we got VIP tickets on which do not require a queue at all! However, we still needed to wait for about 2,5 hours for the show to begin. All spectators were given different colors of wristband. We had purple wristband, indicating VIP group of audience, thus we could sit on the front rows!! Other colors, white and red, were given to non-VIP and family members (I think so) respectively.

Long queue to enter the recording area

One hour before the show began, we went to the recording area. Since taking photos and videos are prohibited the area, I could not take them as much as I want. But, seeing how the equipments, such as speakers and spot lights, were installed on the ceiling, for example, was a fascinated thing for me. Although I have seen many examples of theaters or art performance buildings’ designs on the book, looking at every details of equipments needed for performances to be conducted inside the building made me feel happy.

One specific thing that I noticed from the show was a comedian guy who made a lot of jokes on the stage while the crews were busy preparing for the show. He gave lot of instructions, actually, for us as viewers. He said that we needed to show our enthusiasm while clapping our hands, and expressed some disagreements when judges said about something bad about the singer :D Not a natural thing to do, I thought at the first time, but somehow he was right. We are part of the show anyway. The camera might film us, so how can the viewers who would watch at their tv could get entertained, if they saw the audience in the show did not express their excitement over the songs, or the performers.

There were four judges at that time, and I sat right behind the guy with short hair—I do not know all the judges’ names, but according to my home stay mother, he is a british singer. His face was so familiar for me, but I could not recall his name though.

18.30, and the show began.

The music was quite loud, pictures and videos were shown on big LED screens in front and side of us, while the MC opened the show. He introduced all of the judges, and finally called each singers’ names.

Every performance was great. The singers had to perform songs from legendary singers, such as Michael Jackson, Beatles, Elvis, Britney Spears, etc. However, the most fascinating things about this show for me was about how the stage was prepared for every song, and how the make-up artists worked on the judges’s table area. At least 15 persons started to put decorations for the stage for one performance, and change them with other type of decoration for other singer-and they did that less than 5 minutes! Specific decoration was installed, and I think that there was a stage designer who invent the concept for all performances. I can not figure out which stage design that I think would be the best of all, but I really love the one with country-like setting, since the crew put hays, wood boxes, etc. on the stage, and there were four men playing musical instruments, dressing like country men. The singer, of course, was so beautiful, and I really loved her outfit. I did not know the song though, but I enjoyed the show anyway. However, the songs that caught my attention were Toxic (originally sung by Britney Spears) and Hey Jude (Beatles).

I really enjoyed the show, although there was something I felt confused about. we were instructed to stand and maybe dance, or applaud when we sat on our chair. I kept checking my neighbors whether they were made standing applause or not, since I just really wanted to hear the music clearly. it would be weird if I was the only one who stood while the others were not.

Clearly, yesterday was a good day for me, since this was my first experience watching live performance of one famous show in this country. When I saw the recorded show on the tv last night, I think I have seen a glimpse of myself, sitting and starring at the text the MC read to introduce one singer. heheheheh :X

Have a nice day!

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