Dad Forgetting Pills is getting worse

How do I make sure my father remembers to take his medicines?This is a Typical question for MedQPillBox: My Father has Alzheimer’s and needs some type of smart pill box or smart pill dispenser.

Is there a better way than a medication box for my Dad?My father takes pills for Alzheimer’s, for high blood pressure and a prostate problem, plus vitamins and a daily baby aspirin. He’s78 and keeps making mistakes. Some days he forgets altogether and other days he takes 3 or 4 days’ worth. Dad forgetting medication has led to a trip to the Hospital.

Time for a Smart Medication timer like the MedQPillBox

If Dad forgetting medication or Mom forgetting pills has become a problem. It is time for a newpillbox.A DUMB Pill Box isnot a pill reminder. There are many different type of smart pillboxes available today.

For example, caregiver software that uses the computer’s internal clock to remind the person to take a pill. When the person takes it, he presses a key to confirm that it’s been done. There are also Internet video systems available that let you verify whether someone is taking medication. These systems are very complicated and expensive.

MedQPillBox uses LED LITE-BOX Technology

MedQ is a great aid for dad. You program the time he takes his pills and the smart pill box willdo the rest. The individual box holding that times pills will start to flash. The alarm will sound as well. The alarm star soft and doubles in volume over the five-minute cycle. What happens if you miss your time? No worries, MedQ will repeat it’s five minute alarms every 30 minutes until the medication has been taken. MedQ is your simple, reliable affordable solution to home medication errors. Dad forgetting medication will be a thing of the past.

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