Lubrilac Eye Ointment Best Remedy for Dry & Itching Eye Condition

Are your eyes dry? Itchy? or losing moisture? Due to high degree of wind and sun exposure dryness of eyes has become a common eye concern. With Lubrilac Eye Ointment this problem can be solved. The ointment is a mixture of Lanolin and Liquid Paraffin that is highly useful to keep eyes moistened. The medication is well suited for the eyes and is FDA approved for application. With no side effects and medical complication it is the most doctors recommended drug for eye ailment treatment.

Where you can buy Lubrilac Eye Ointment?

The medication is available on huge discount on our pharmacy store. You can purchase 5gm pack of Lubrilac Eye Ointment. To know visit our pharmacy store online. We are selling all range of prescription and non-prescription medications.

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Ask Price : Rs 55.00

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