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3 Mistakes People Make When Seeing a
Doctor for Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

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Mistake #1:
Letting the doctor take the Innovo lead
Take advantage of your doctor’s “how are you doing?” opening question to say exactly what you’d like to get out of the appointment. Do you have a specific treatment Innovo Medical you want to discuss? Are you concerned about changes in your knee pain? Let your doctor know your goal for the appointment.

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Mistake #2:
Waiting for the doctor to bring up treatments
Think it might be time for a different treatment? Don’t wait to see what your doctor recommends. Research treatments and bring a list of options that medical supplies you are interested in discussing with your doctor.
“Patients who do some form of research on knee osteoarthritis, prior to the appointment, get the most benefit from the time spent.”
 — Orthopedist

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