Time changes things. With time, the hot water will become cold. With time, the cold water can become ice and the ice too can still become water even with time. If we persevere, time will set the table for us in the right places and with the right people.

Paciently go on cuttting just like the tiny stream of water passing through the neck of the create impression and cut through the rock not with force but with time and Pacience. 
I have seen it work. Sincerely find your place. Perpetuate yourself and work continually. Sooner or later you will be seen and you will be known. Some will even use you as a reference point on their #Journey. 
Even a mad man or a fool who never leave a point will become a reference point in that area or a landmark and someone will say to the other “once you see the mad man, then you are in the place”.

It might take time but your consistency will pay off. Just ensure you are at the right place and doing the right thing. Then time will surely make you the right person.