Let's stop them….

Young people must be allowed to breathe as well as breed freely. But again many young people need to be stopped, prevented or even halted. So much energy doesn’t mean you can go on a dissipating spree. Raging hormone has to be contained. Wisdom is the right and profitable application of that increasing knowledge.

So much talents and gifting don’t always do us much good most especially when our lives’ just starting. At that time, the availability of focus is put to test. And for the exceptionally creative ones, minute by minute surge of ideas and concepts is the ever present challenge to completion of task and hindrance to success. At this stage one has not Mastered the act and art of living and might not have yet the key to matching creativity with focus.

I’ve had to fail so many times not because I lack strength,inspiration or creativity but largely because I have so much and lack almost nothing.

Let’s stop these young people who confuse variety with beauty. The dustbin is the home of variety. Let’s stop them who confuse being young with careless and reckless living. Let’s stop them who think the free time is just there to be wasted. They are speeding too strong and every second brings them to their closer personal death and untimely end…..please let’s stop them.