California Takes the First Step Toward Secession
Austin Frank

It’s a feel-good measure that won't do anything, or California is run by idiots. Probably Both.

California can go ahead and not buy our Water and Power. Those Water and Power thieves would have to accept responsibility for their own State for once and actually MANAGE their water properly. That overflowing dam was a recent reminder at the incompetence of California.

So they can go ahead. We won't let them steal anymore, and we’ll hike those prices up a fair deal if they are dying for it. That’ll make up whatever conceived benefit California thinks it has.

DT Cali is little more than a big state with little man's syndrome caused by it being an economic drain on the rest of the country.

Here are the options California Residents who want to leave aren't considering.


A) My Power and Water prices go down allowing cheaper generation of local good making local goods more afordable. I get to Ignore California and their claim of being a ‘Superior’

B) California has to spend more money on infrastructure it's purposefully ignored in its goal of exporting it’s economic and pollution costs to other States. They would see a significant price increase or a significant reduction in benefits. Perhaps both.

C) California has to consider war to maintain its privileged lavish lifestyle. Won't get Water and Power for its efforts. War tends to break dams and irrigation canals.

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