The Race Card
Eric Burns

When his 'hate' is equal to, or less than your hate I don’t need to defend anyone. If you didn’t want racism to get worse your first paragraph highlights the issue. Don’t call R’s racist just because they’re pulling the same stonewalling moves D’s have. A black potus doesn’t make it magically racist.

The rest of your argument is the same 'hate’, and is just as ill informed as Trump’s over generalized statements.

Should I ignore the Mexican Mafia beheadings accrost the boarder? Is it really racist to want to shut down human trafficking accrost our boarders? Are you pro sex slaves if you’re not against it? Which is more racist, pro Mexican sex slaves, or pro shutting down the path to bring sex slaves here?

Now if H was advocating legalizing MJ rapidly to crush the Mexican Mafia economically I’d be willing to forgive her collateral damage comments towards my 'people’. But evidently it’s racist to be against h1b, a form of immigration, no matter how badly Disney, or others abuse it.

May you be forced to train your replacement a la Disney.

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