The Laws of Human Nature Summary

Evgeny Medvedev
Mar 17 · 9 min read

1. The Law of Irrationality

2. The Law of Narcissism

3. The Law of Role-playing

4. The Law of Compulsive Behavior

5. The Law of Covetousness

6. The Law of Shortsightedness

7. The Law of Defensiveness

8. The Law of Self-sabotage

9. The Law of Repression

10. The Law of Envy

11. The Law of Grandiosity

12. The Law of Gender Rigidity

13. The Law of Aimlessness

14. The Law of Conformity

15. The Law of Fickleness

16. The Law of Aggression

17. The Law of Generational Myopia

18. The Law of Death Denial


Evgeny Medvedev

Written by

Creator of, Co-founder of, Google Cloud GDE, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Data Science

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