Hoy Madame

For some reason, madame likes to mess around. Although once in a while she says to herself;

“Can you just… not?”

Madame is but an observer to the world… so much so that she sometimes becomes so engrossed in her spectatorship that she forgets to participate. The poor creature. Madame, pagtarong daw beh.

She walks up to the street and looks left, then right.

Madame, paghinay-hinay ug tabok.

She jumps straight onto the goddamn street and gets knocked right back to the sidewalk.

Ataya, gi-ingnan bitaw nga maghinay-hinay!

Madame tries to fight back, but ends up crying. Madame is but a little bitch about things.

Get the fuck up and do shit, madame.

Oh, madame.

She stays for a while, still crying like a little bitch. It lasts for a year. She realizes the time wasted and stands up. She gets sad at the time wasted and cries some more. What the effing crap.

Madame, ayaw’g pakipot intawn.