2 Things Man Is Unable to Invent

Man has been able to come up with some extraordinary innovations, to the extent where one may start believing in the saying “if you can dream it, you can do it!”

Well, that’s not true! I am here today to prove my claim with 2 examples that you will be able to relate to.

The Hover Board

The film “Back to the Future II” introduced the idea of a skate board that floats above the ground without making “physical” contact with the surface. The 3.5-minute scene from the movie is depicting life in the year 2015.

That day has come and passed, and we still don’t have the hover board. As a matter of fact, humans are simply unable to manage or control earth’s gravity. Even after decades of flying, it takes us a huge effort to make airplanes and helicopters take off.

Serious companies, including Lexus, are behind projects trying to make the vision of hover boards a reality, yet no true success. Most involve a special installation in the ground (such as having magnets buried in the floor) to imitate the intended goal. The project that came the closest to the real thing was original enough to use 4 leaf blowers and a wooden board.

Listen to my words of wisdom: 20 years from now, we’ll still have no hover board. I suggest we accept our limitations and try to find a smart way to deal with gravity.

The Folding Machine

Almost every household is equipped with a washer and dryer. Yet, none is in position of a folding machine (not to call it a “folder”), where you place your recently washed and dried clothes, and they get ironed, folded and sorted in piles of pants, shirts, socks, etc…

I mean, is it too much to ask? I don’t think it is. It’s a simple request for a machine that man is just incapable of inventing; a pure fact of life!

A Japanese manufacturer is promising to have a robot, called Laundroid, capable of doing exactly that. They are aiming for 2020. To that I say:

I’ll believe it when I see it!

You see, it’s not that I am pessimistic or too demanding. I am simply telling it as it is, without the advertising and corporate propaganda that’s full of air.

Humans are capable of so much… but not of everything!

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