Most Active Corporate Venture Capital Firms. We have some way to go!

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We all have aspirations, whether they be personal, for family, for work, for society, and for mankind. I am no different when it comes to these aspects of my life, but for this post my focus is on (part of) my business and my passion — venture capital!

I love innovation and entrepreneurship. I have always admired those individuals, partners and groups of people who have an idea, a concept or invention/product that (just maybe) could be a game-changer or at least help someone accomplish a task in a more efficient, easier or cost-effective manner.

As a startup company ourselves, we aspire to achieve such goals but at the same time the term “venture capital” and entrepreneur (in my opinion) go hand-in-hand. Therefore being in a blessed and privileged position to have access to and be part of a wonderful network and ecosystem of startups globally, we also aspire to be investors in great ideas and companies.

This dream and passion is (slowly but surely) being realised (God willing) but WE HAVE SOME WAY TO GO to match the trend setters within the venture capital world, namely those corporate VC firms that have been and continue to be the most active investors in this space. For example, below are the 10 most active corporate venture capital (CVC) investors since 2010, along with their investment counts. All are from the U.S. except two (Spain and Korea).


  1. Intel Capital, USA (395)
  2. GV, USA (314)
  3. Qualcomm Ventures, USA (189)
  4. Salesforce Ventures, USA (141)
  5. SoftBank Capital, USA (115)
  6. Caixa Capital Risc, Spain (109)
  7. T-7. GE Ventures, USA (95)
  8. T-7. Comcast Ventures, USA (95)
  9. Cisco Investments, USA (94)
  10. Samsung Venture Investment, Korea (93)

This list provides you with a glimpse of the “who’s who” within this space. One day in the future, just maybe, we too can be part of this list . . . follow your dreams, God willing.

By Mawdud Choudhury, CEO of Meedah Group Limited

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